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January 2020

February 2020

It may sound quite unbelievable, but in reality the subterranean world is full of interesting sights and activities that regular tourists are unaware of. There are secret tunnels and passages with both interesting and grim history, buried towns and streets, underground palaces and historical chambers, catacombs, subterranean cities, hidden caves, waterfalls and rivers underneath many places. It is possible to make trips to these interesting places. This issue is all about such unique destinations that must feature in your bucket list if you are a real explorer at heart. One also finds in this issue An Artist’s Impression of El Calafate.

July 2020

Out of the list of countries we all hear about, there are many who still have unknown or limited recognition, many self-proclaimed sovereign republics, micronations and territories that are really bizarre but worth checking out.
Still out. Most of us have never heard of this micronization
And unknown countries. Reading about them is definitely going to be interesting for our readers. This issue is specifically designed with backpackers and the articles include information on how to visit these races. Also on the issue are travel news, an artist's salta impression through a lockdown, and a world-famous travel artist's brushstroke.

August 2020

After many months and many unique issues we are back with our most favorite theme - wildlife and forests. August 2020 issue is dedicated to the very tall and elegant giraffe. There are articles about the various sub-species of the animal, the best places to sight each one of them and a gory story of a 'chase and kill' in the wilderness. There are other articles too, unrelated to giraffes. There is an impressive 'Artist's impression of Tehran' article and one about the mangroves of the Sundarbans. In addition there are also the regular features of News and Horoscope.